There is a mysterious world.

A labyrinth that invites you to wander and awakens your nostalgia.

In this universe with immersive movie sets, imagination leads to inspiration and to the encounter with the other. The unknown. Time stands still between the past and the future, at that moment when the impossible becomes possible.

Le comptoir général présente – EN

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The fishing collection

As practiced in the great British hotels in the 19th and 20th centuries, a fishing club and its passionate members are at home here, and have taken over the former entrance hall of the Comptoir Général.

This space is now dedicated to the art of fishing, the collection objects of which illustrate the different facets: lures and spoons for casting fishing, stoppers for Sunday bass fishing, rods and reels for big game fishing used by Hemingway in Key West for swordfish, and flies in all their forms for salmon fishing in the rivers.

Fly fishing elements

Coarse fishing elements

Big game fishing

Fishing documents

In the holiday atmosphere that reigns at the Comptoir Général, the sea is omnipresent, as well as the boats, the beach, the rivers, the fish auction on a port… As if all the decorations were cradled and inhabited by anonymous fishermen who would have put their tools against the walls or on the floor: here a fishing net from a small boat, there diving bottles, a little further on a spearfishing harpoon…

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