A unique collection hosted by the Comptoir Général

In the holiday atmosphere that pervades the Comptoir Général, the sea is omnipresent, as are boats, the beach, rivers, the fish market in a port… So many settings inhabited by anonymous fishermen who would have placed their tools against the walls or on the floor: here a fishing net from a small boat, there a fly fishing rod, a little further on diving tanks and a harpoon for underwater hunting… A big game fishing reel…

As was the practice in the British grand hotels of the 19th and 20th centuries, a fishing club and its passionate and colourful members are at home here, and have taken over the former entrance hall of the Comptoir Général.

This space is now dedicated to the art of fishing through a multitude of collectors’ items: hooks, reels, rods, lures, corks, …

A gallery will be unveiled soon,

which will present and sell

rare objects

to the delight of curiosity seekers.