There is a mysterious world.

A labyrinth that invites you to wander and awakens your nostalgia.

In this universe with immersive movie sets, imagination leads to inspiration and to the encounter with the other. The unknown. Time stands still between the past and the future, at that moment when the impossible becomes possible.

Le comptoir général présente – EN

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Nestled on the banks of the Canal Saint Martin, the Comptoir Général welcomes you in the evening to enjoy a rum cocktail in its bar and sea food in its fish restaurant. On Saturdays and Sundays, the sea brunch takes over the rooms, patio and terrace, for a family gathering. Each evening, the bar room hosts a different musical program.

In a friendly setting, collections of unusual objects abound and a rum cellar takes you across the continents to taste the world’s finest rums to take away.

The Comptoir Général is also ideal for all types of private events.

Lounge Restaurant

Lulled by the sound of waves and seagulls, our restaurant advocates simple and traditional cuisine oriented towards the shores of the world and the wealth of the oceans.

At the crossroads between a fish restaurant with classic service and a seaside snack bar, the dishes have been designed to be shared and accompany the cave’s wines, cocktails and fine rums in the cave. Between land and sea, a sweet and salty harmony.
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Dancing Bar

As if emerging from a holiday postcard, the bars and settings evoke Hollywood movies and big attraction parks. Our team of scenographers has created these cinematographic universes with passion and patience, by mixing adventure with romance and reality with imagery.

In these movie sets, the visitor evades and becomes a travelling actor. He can taste fine rums from around the world and classic American cocktails in the pure tradition of the grand seaside hotels.
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Rocked by a high-end sound system, playlist, live music and DJs follow one another through the hours, alternating instrumental mood music, Caribbean rhythms, salsa and festive tempos.

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Ideal for relaxation and inspiration, the Comptoir Général offers a unique setting for private and professional meetings and company parties.

We can organise all types of events from 60 to 600 people.

Don’t hesitate to ask our creative office for a customised design.

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Rum Cellar

Ideal for discovering the world of rum, our cellar offers a wide selection of fine rums and spirits from the world’s finest distilleries.

Open Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 7pm, and evenings on request.

En savoir plus

Faithful to its historical commitments and pursuing its vocation to think of the world differently, the Comptoir Général now hosts unique collections of the wonders of Nature. A poetic tribute to our world and an invitation to be moved by the fragility of our ecosystem.

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84, quai de jemmapes
75010 Paris


01 44 88 24 48

Opening hours

tuesday wednesday: 06pm – 01am
thursday friday: 06pm – 02am
saturday: 11am – 02am
sunday: 11am – 11pm
closed on monday


Metro république, Goncourt
or Jacques Bonsergent
Parking Saint Louis:
1 Av. Claude Vellefaux 75010
Parking Zenpark:
15 Rue Bichat 75010

Pets are not allowed at the Comptoir Général with the exception of guide dogs.

Le Comptoir Général – 84 quai de Jemmapes 75010 Paris – 01 44 88 24 48 /
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