There is a mysterious world.

A labyrinth that invites you to wander and awakens your nostalgia.

In this universe with immersive movie sets, imagination leads to inspiration and to the encounter with the other. The unknown. Time stands still between the past and the future, at that moment when the impossible becomes possible.

Le comptoir général présente – EN

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Ideal for all types of gifts, our Boutique brings together rare and unusual souvenirs dedicated to the marine world and nature.

Like the boutiques of the big hotels, you will find souvenirs with the logo of the place evoking its different settings: pins, t-shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, bags, etc. Everyone can take a little bit of the Comptoir Général with them and continue the experience…

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The store is also dedicated to decoration, with wall models to build, beautiful posters made in photochromy, models of old boats, …

Not forgetting the children, with fishing kits, boat propellers, mobiles for the youngest, colored pencils. Small, simple and clever objects that awaken curiosity and creativity.

No Comptoir Général souvenir store is without curiosities: minerals and beautiful shells, like travel treasures brought back by Indiana Jones during his tumultuous adventures. Taxidermy pieces as well, this art of giving life to insects and animals, with a collection of butterflies in frames and striking pieces of land and sea animals..

Finally, Comptoir Général has a rum and spirits cellar in its store, with a selection of references from the best distilleries worldwide.

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